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Fascinating Multiple Intelligence Books


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Let M A W Education in Oxford, Oxfordshire, provide you with teacher training and in-service training. You are connected with modern, interactive online courses, and succinct MI books. Trust Margaret Warner to bring you a top selection of engaging and informative publications on MI theory, and start implementing proven learning techniques in your classroom.


Assessment Booklets


As you begin the journey into Multiple Intelligence theory, are you struggling with some of the following questions?
How do I assess my students using multiple intelligence theory?
How can I find out what my students’ multiple intelligences are?
Where can I find multiple intelligence theory tests?
How do I prepare a multiple intelligences inventory?

Find the answers in the MI Assessment booklets.


Lesson Planning Booklets


Margaret Warner has also produced lesson planning booklets to help you plan lessons from your own syllabus, step by step. Included is a detailed lesson plan template which you can use for a series of lessons. Example lessons for different age groups and subjects will help you generate your ideas.

The basic template at the beginning of the booklet solves the problem of how to use Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences theory in the classroom.
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Recommended Books To Purchase

Becoming a Multiple Intelligence School                        Discover Your Intelligences                 Brain Matters

Becoming a Mulitple Intelligence School        Discover Your Intelligences                    Brain Matters
Thomas R Hoerr                                         Hammoudi Abdelhak                             Patricia Wolfe


Changing Education - Second Edition

by Margaret Warner

'Changing Education' reflects on the changes there have been in education over the centuries and in different countries, often as a result of educational and scientific research and the changing needs of societies, and then points the way forward to show how teachers today are part of that change, preparing children for the future.

This book would be of practical, immediate help to classroom and subject teachers, and assist in the planning of in-service training by those in management positions.

To purchase visit the online store.

Extraordinary Minds

                             Multiple Intelligences of Reading and Writing                               Fifty Major Thinkers On Education         

Extraordinary Minds             The Multiple Intelligences of Reading and Writing     Fifty Major Thinkers on Education
Howard Gardner                  Thomas Armstrong                                                Joy Palmer and Liora Bresler


Frames of Mind                                    How Children Learn                 

Frames of Mind -Theory of MI                     How Children Learn                    Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom
Howard Gardner                                        Linda Pound                                     Thomas Armstrong



MI Theory in Practice                          Teaching and Learning Through MI            Intelligence Reframed
Howard Gardner                                 Cambell et Al                                           Howard Gardner



Mutiple Intelligence Perspective        Learning and Memory-Brain in Action       MI-New Horizons in Theory & Practice
Garner et Al                                    Marilee B. Sprenger                                            Howard Gardner



Teaching with the Brain in Mind           Brain Compatible Classrooms                        The Intelligent School
Eric Jenson                                        Laura Erlauer                                              Barbara MacGilchrist &
Jane Reed


How Children Learn 3                           Leading Minds                       Multiple Intelligence & Student Achievement
Linda Pound                                        Howard Gardner                                           Linda Campbell


Reading for Results

Become a MI school and watch as your school’s performance improves. Rely on Margaret Warner's expertise to provide you with products that improve your ability to teach your students.

From students to parents and school staff, everyone feels and sees the difference with MI implementation. View the online store to see the wide selection of learning materials you have to choose from, or see our teaching materials to gain insight into what your school will profit from.

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