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'Changing Education' Series of Booklets

Published by MAW Publications
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Lesson Planning for Differentiated Classroom book

Also published now in this Changing Education Series
1. Assessment: Formative Assessment Ideas

Coming shortly 
3. Information technology: Teaching and Learning for the Digital Age.
4. Teaching English as an Additional Language: Multiple Intelligences Ideas
5. Pre-school: Teaching and Learning Ideas for the Under-Fives

Lesson planning: Activities for the Differentiated Classroom

Secondary English literature, Primary and Secondary mathematics, Primary science, Secondary environmental studies, Primary geography and Secondary history lessons.

This book is a must if you want all your students to succeed at their own level, whether gifted or talented, of average ability or a student with learning or physical needs.



Getting Started

P 1 Explanations and definitions
P 2 Contents
P 3 Recognising difference - we are born different and we develop differently
P 4 What do you know about your students?
P 5 Assessment - building on what students already know and can do
P 6 Multiple intelligences and learning styles – teaching the same thing in different ways
P 7 Preparing to write your lesson plan
P 8 - 9 Lesson plan template

Example Lesson Plans

P 10 - 11  Kindergarten
P 12 - 13 English Language Learners
P 14 - 15  Secondary English 1
P 16 - 17  Secondary English 2
P 18 - 19  Primary Mathematics
P 20 - 21 Secondary Mathematics
P 22 - 23 Primary Science
P 24 - 25 Secondary Environmental Studies
P 26 - 27  Primary Social Studies – Geography
P 28 - 29 Secondary Social Studies – History

Different Educational Needs

P 30 Personalised Learning and Individual Education Plans (IEP)
P 31 Recognising differences – career opportunities

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